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Frequently Asked Questions About Tarps

Frequently Asked Questions


I am looking for a tarp in a particular size and it is not found on the Tarps Plus website, do you make custom tarps?


Yes, we do! Our custom tarps department takes care of these orders, and they can help you with it. You can order for any tarp size! Call 512-686-5858 to place your orders for custom tarps.


How long does it take to receive the order?


Your order usually ships within 1 to 2 business working days. This means, the order leaves our warehouse within 1 to 2 business days after the order was placed. All ground orders usually take the following transit time after they have been shipped: 

West Coast = approx. 3 - 4 business working days
Mid West = approx. 1 - 2 business working days
East Coast = approx. 3 - 4 business working days
All Freight Deliveries = approx. 5 - 7 business working days

If shipped by UPS, it can take around 7 to 15 working days to arrive but this rarely happens.  If you need your order overnight or 2nd day air please call 1-800-838-3057.


What tarp can be used to cut out the light and keep cool?
The silver tarps are the best when it comes to keeping cool, because the material inside of the tarp is made with a black mesh. The silver coating does not allow even a small amount of light to pass through. Our Red Green, white, yellow tarps and orange are translucent. Light will pass through ((not UV rays). You will still get the natural light. The mesh trap or shade screen has 73% shade protection, which allows water to pass through.


Do you accept purchase orders?
Yes, we do! Purchase orders will be accepted, once you open an account with us. The page with ask for bank and credit information. If you are interested in opening an account, call to 512-686-5858. Once, the details are checked and the account is established, you can make your purchase orders.


Can the tarp I purchased returned, if opened?
No. Once it has been opened, it cannot be accepted. For further details, read through our warranty policy.


How do I cancel my order?
Due to our large Several orders are being placed every other day, and it is difficult to track all your orders, once the shipping process has been started. If you want to cancel, call within twelve hours. However, we cannot promise on this, since it is not easy to track it down, once shipped. Your cancellation charges would be $10. Orders that are shipped cannot be cancelled. In spite of that, if you would like to cancel it, then contact support immediately. Orders will be canceled by them! If the items have already been shipped, follow the standard return procedures of our company. Please read carefully through the returns section on how to return your product. If you do not want to accept delivery, you will get your money refunded after shipping and restocking fee has been deducted.
If you wish to cancel your order prior to delivery, please contact us at Items that are not shipped will be cancelled. If shipped, you need to follow the return procedures as instructed and refuse delivery.


Are all the tarps made by Tarps Plus good for windy conditions?
Yes, very much so, but there is no guarantee, if the weather conditions are bad. If you want to use your trap in a windy area, then tie your tarps down to something. Using bungee cords with hooks is recommended, and you can see this on our accessories page.


How should I tie my tarps down?
Use bungee balls or bungee hooks through the grommet. This gives the needed flexibility and puts less stress on the material.

Can the Tarps Plus canvas tarps be used for my canopy?
During rain and sun, the canvas tarps tend to expand and contract. We advise customers to use polyethylene for the top covers of a canopy.

The tarp I received is 3 to 4 inches less on each side... what is a "Cut Size".
The cut size is the industry's standard way to measure. I.E. a 10x20 can be a (Approx.) 9'8"x19'10".

Can your tarps flex and be used as a trampoline? Can the tarp flex?
We do not advise using the tarps as a trampoline. This would be a specialized material.

What is the meaning of mil thickness?
A mil is the unit length that is equal to 0.001 inch (0.0254 mm). Mil is a unit that is used to measure the trap thickness. Normally, when the thickness of the trap is more, it assures better quality.

What is the difference between a tarps and a canopy?
A "tarp" is a material that is waterproofed and used as a cover to keep valuables dry. "Canopy" is a protective cover mounted on a frame using poles.

What does "rope reinforcement in the tarp" mean?
There is a rope that is laid into the perimeter of the tarp. This is usually a strong nylon rope that reinforces the edge of the tarp to withstand pulling pressure.

My poly tarp that I ordered says water resistant, but I ordered a waterproof one. Does it mean the same or is it something different?
It means the same. You don't have to worry, since the poly tarp that you have in your hand is waterproof. All our products that mentions water proof means, they are water resistant too. Note: We cannot guarantee that it will not leak, as there are certain things that we cannot control.

What are your tarps used for?
Our tarps are used for thousands of purposes. They are helpful for farmers, usage, schools fema, roofers for covering roofs, and much more.

How can we contact you?
If you're interested in our traps, you can check out our website that has got all the information about the products we are selling. For any suggestions and outlook, you can always email us at

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