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Poly Bags

Poly BagsOur poly bags are very tough and last the the test of time. These bags are made from heavy duty polyethylene tarp material. The poly tarp bags are great for weighing down a tarp tent or sand bag piling.

Poly Bags
Poly Bags

Poly Bags

$12.00 TP-PSB
The Many Advantages Of Using A Poly Bag

Though it might not be instantly recognized by all chances are everybody has seen a poly bag at one time or another. These simple poly bags really come in handy. Poly bags are commonly used for tarp tent anchoring and flood control. If you need to secure a tarp tent, carry material or use poly bags as a barrier, we suggest a super heavy duty poly bag like ours.

The poly bags are great for multiple uses. You can fill the poly tarp bags with sand and make a weight stabler for a tarp tent or use the bags as a sand bag for rain control. The poly bags also make a great carrier or storing bag for tools and hardware.