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Mesh Tarps

Mesh Tarps

We manufacture our mesh tarps with thick polyethylene thread shafts. These privacy screens are used by sports facilities across the country due to the quality that is built into them. Our Tarps Plus brand shade tarps are quality in and out. Our shading material provides windscreen protection that is second to none. Golf courses use our green mesh tarps for privacy screens. These mesh tarps have become a staple at construction sites. The mesh tarps provide debris protection as well as sun shade for many types of activities.

The mesh tarps are the perfect solution for long term sun shade canopies. Mesh tarps also act as a great reinforcer for canopy tents. The mesh tarps can be applied as a wall onto the canopy and help prevent wind from flying the tent away.

We apply super heavy duty grommets with double stitching around the entire perimeter of the tarp. We are serious about offering our customers high quality mesh tarps in a variety of colors and sizes.

Black Mesh Tarps - Shade Screens
Traditional black mesh tarps are great for cutting out the shade.
Green Mesh Tarps Screen Covers
Get shade and blend into the environment with our green mesh tarps.
Tan Mesh Tarps - Shade Screens
Unique tan mesh tarps for a the beach, military or backyard
Blue Mesh Tarps - Shade Screens
Blue mesh tarps used as shade covers.
Vinyl Coated Mesh Tarps
Long lasting vinyl coated mesh tarps.
Looking for mesh tarps to supply ample shading season after season? Our mesh tarps are used for sun protection by facilities across the country. Our mesh tarps are a favorite with agriculturalists and farmers wanting to control U.V. exposure to their crops.

The mesh tarps are easy to apply to many areas due to the built in grommets. You can attach the corners of the tarp to bungee hooks or ball bungees and secure it to a tent or a fence or a metal frame. The mesh tarps are obviously not waterproof but are still great to hold up all year because it will let the rain through. Many poly tarps that are being used for shading in the summer that are left out in the winter collapse because of rain retention. The mesh tarps let the rain and wind go thought without much resistance, taking away any need to take down the shade structure during the rainy months.

Essentials of mesh tarps
  • Heavy poly thread shaft.
  • High shade rating.
  • Double stitching around the tarp's edging
  • Solid brass grommets every 2'along the perimeter of tarp
  • Condensed weave count per square inch
  • Rope reinforcement in the hem of tarp

    Mesh Tarps and Their Different Uses

    You can find many types of tarps for almost any occasion and can be used in several ways. There are so many different shapes, sizes and weaves that you are sure to find the one you need. In most cases mesh tarps are used to provide some shade and you will find that they do have several uses as well. The tarps do come in a variety of colors and each color is used for a different purpose.

    The black mesh tarps have been very popular for their use to provide a good means of shade. Even though black is known to attract the sun light, it can still be used for the purpose of providing just the right amount of shade for whenever you need it while being outdoors. Tan is commonly used on the beach or even in a military environment. This type of tarpaulin can easily blend into the environment. It is not just good for beach events but also it is a great thing that can camouflage for any military situation. You can use these kind for several purposes, but it is a great benefit to have one that can blend into the environment.

    If you like being an outdoors person or someone who loves camping, then the green mesh tarps would be your best option as they are can be used to camouflage. Any hunter or just an outdoor camper will find these to be very beneficial. If you like hunting then these tarps can hide you from any animals as they will not be aware that you are there hunting. Campers like using them as well they can camouflage themselves right into the trees of the forest without ever being noticed. You could find so many good uses for mesh tarps. They do provide some uses for the home, vacations, camping and hunting as well. They are a wonderful product to have with you at all times as they can also be put to use as shelter for any mercy situation. They are a very convenient and affordable item that you could use for just about any purpose.

    Top Five Advantages of Mesh Tarps
    1. The mesh tarps can withstand wind better than the other tarps.
    2. The mesh tarps are breathable.
    3. Mesh tarps can provide shade and keep people cooler by letting the wind in.
    4. Mesh tarps are vey light weight and inexpensive to ship.
    5. Because the mesh tarps are so light weight, they are very easy to handle and store.

    We can custom make mesh tarps to nearly any size or color. If you do not see the type of mesh tarp that you need, give us a call and will will provide you with custom options.