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This product is hand-made in the United States, please give 10-15 business days before product is shipped.

These lumber truck tarps are super heavy duty and specially made for the trucking industry.

Lumber truck tarp specs:

24'6'' x 27' Lumber Tarp 18oz Black Vinyl Coated Waterproof Fabric

Lumber truck tarp has 1 row of grommets and also has 3 rows of D-Rings and an 8' drop tail and 2 rain flaps.

All vinyl seams are heat sealed and all hems are double lock stitched.

About Lumber Truck Tarps If you need to protect your cargo then you need to consider getting some good quality lumber truck tarps. They are optimum for sun protection and are also waterproof. This can help keep your lumber dry and also keep it from getting bleached from the sun. Sun damage can literally ruin lumber so protection is very important.

When you look for appropriate lumber truck tarps, be sure to get some that are high quality UV protection that is treated with polyethylene. They also should have a very high mesh count. This allows the tarps to be very durable and also stay lightweight.

Truck tarps also need a good hem. They should be reinforced with a quarter inch triple braided roping. This will keep the hem and the corners secured. The sealed interior seams should be heat sealed. If they are not, they can pull through and cause a lot of issues.

There are a few more things to consider when looking for great lumber truck tarps. While waterproof is very important, making sure they are acid resistant is crucial. This is especially important when traveling far distances. This usually will help them be mildew proof, as well.

Getting as much length as you can afford is always a great idea. That way you do not have to pull the tarp and tear it. If they have grommets about every 18 inches, this can help, too. Make sure that the mesh count is high and it can withstand very cold weather.

Overall, tarps are a great buy and will save your cargo from getting ruined if you purchase the right tarps. If you take the above into consideration you should not run into any issues. Lumber can be quite expensive if it gets ruined so it is worth the extra money to be sure it stays safe and secure.

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