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Custom Canvas Tarps

Custom Canvas Tarps

We manufacture custom canvas tarps in all types of colors and sizes. Being the world leader in canvas tarps means we are capable to custom make canvas tarps in large or small quantities and in many different variations. Whether you need custom waterproof canvas tarps or a special color, we can make it for you.

*Attention Customers: This is a made to order product. It is hand sewn here in the United States. A canvas fabric tarp order can take approximately 7-10 business days to make your tarp before it is shipped to you.

The Making Of Custom Canvas Tarps

The canvas tarps are perhaps the most commonly used type of tarp. Most people will have one around their home somewhere, whether it is in use or in storage awaiting a need for its use. Knowing how the best quality varieties are made can help you in finding The making of a canvas tarp begins with a base fabric. And good quality canvas is made from a single filled 100% cotton fabric. The edges of this fabric are hemmed and stitched all around, so that the edges will not fray. This secures the ends of the fabric, helping it to resist rips and tears, and making it last longer. These tarps usually weight anywhere from 10 oz to 14 oz. They will also feature heavy duty grommets at least every twenty-four inches. These grommets should be reinforced to ensure that the fabric does not fray around the grommets. These grommets allow one a way to tie the tarp down. Without them, it would be very difficult to secure it, making it much less useful, especially in certain situations. The best types of grommets are made from brass, as this metal is very long lasting and rust resistant.

The sizes of canvas tarps vary. You can really find nearly every size you may want, and some companies will even offer to custom make them for you, although you will have to plan a few weeks in advance for these made to order types. The canvas tarps are usually manufactured in a factory, where they are often tested and treated by scientists and chemists. Some varieties are also coated in a special formula or coating to give them extra strength and also to give them more beneficial properties. Some chemicals can make them waterproof while others are designed to make them UV resistant and mildew resistant. All are beneficial qualities which are highly desirable for a number of uses.

Do you need custom canvas tarps? Tarp Plus takes pride in being able to make any type of color, size or grade of canvas tarps that you need. The Tarps Plus brand custom canvas tarps are built with quality and are delivered to your door step fast. Call us at: 1-800-838-3057 and we will assist you in you custom canvas tarp needs.

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