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Boat Tarps

Boat TarpsIf you need tarps for boats we have them in many shapes, sizes and colors. We are boat tarp specialists and have boat tarps ranging from canvas boat tarps, poly boat tarps, custom made boat tarps, large boat tarps, vinyl boat tarps and all types of large boat tarps. Boating is more than just a hobby for some people, it's a way of life. We understand that your boat is also your investment and a source of joy. Easy and quick boat tarps are very necessary for a boat's safety. Boat fanatics can understand the importance of the correct protection required for the boat/investment. A person who owns a boat always wants to protect the boat all the year round and the season doesn’t matter. With different styles and grades of boat tarps available, it is certain that you will get the best boat tarp that fit your needs.

TarpsPlus&#153 Poly Boat Tarps Singles
Economical polyethylene tarps that will cover your boat.
TarpsPlus&#153 Poly Boat Tarps Cases
Cover a lot of boats at a low cost with poly boat tarps sold by the case.
Hurricane&#153 Inflatable Tarp
Industrial strength boat tarps for inflatable boats.
StormPro&#153 Pontoon Boat Tarp
Special tarps for pontoon shaped boats.
Lunex Covers Trailer Boat Tarp
Heavy duty tarp covers for mid size boats.
Hurricane&#153 Boat Tarp
Hurricane boats tarps with tough tarp material.
Orion&#153 Deluxe Boat Tarp
Mid range boat tarp covers for medium size boats.
StormPro&#153 Boat Tarp
Heavy duty storm boat tarps that fit many types of boats.
Hurricane&#153 Pontoon Boat Tarp
Super heavy duty boat tarps that fit pontoon shaped boats.
Jon Boat Tarp
Hard to find Jon boat shaped boat tarp cover.
Silver-tech Pedal Boat Tarp
Keep your peddle boat clear all year with peddle boat tarps.
Silver-tech Molded Pond Boat Tarp
Our pond boat tarps will keep debris out and protect all year long.
Want to protect your boat with some boat tarps? Our boat tarps are 100% water Resistant. The boat tarp is U.V. treated on both sides. This keeps the boat cool and dry underneath. These boat tarps are flat rectangular tarp material with grommets around the entire perimeter of the tarp. The material is not pre-shaped. To conform the material to the boat, it is suggested to cover the boat tarpaulin to the boat and fasten the material under the boat to create a snug fit. Boat tarps can be fastened buy rope or bungee cords with hooks on the end which can be found on our tarps accessories page. When you need fast protection and want to save, you cannot go wrong with these boat tarps!

A boat is an investment that you want to be proud of and want to protect. For some, boating is more than just a hobby. Boating is a way of life. And their boat may be just as important as their home. The proper boat tarps can give you confidence that you are doing all you can to protect it while it is not in use. Boat and marine tarps are available in nearly every shape, size, and color. From poly to vinyl or canvas, there are many different types. These can even be custom made to fit a specific boat model perfectly. Many prefer a poly material that is three-ply and at least 14 by 14 mesh count. This will keep out the water, as well as protect from mildew.

White is the best color to choose for your boat if your seats are made of leather. The sun can dry out those seats and cause them to crack over time, but the color white is reflective, protecting the interior. Whatever material you choose for your tarp, you should ensure that it is waterproof. As boats are always around water, it is nice to have a variety that can keep you and your boat nice and dry whenever you use it. Grommets are another feature that should be found on every boat tarp. These help you to easily be able to tie it down securely. If you cannot secure it when you need to, what is the point? So choose a type that has high quality grommets that are rust resistant. Inflatable tarps are also popular all season pieces that are often used for boats. These feature a contoured design that cover the boat no matter how it may be stored, and the material is carefully treated so that it is waterproof, mildew resistant, and UV resistant.