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Tarps Plus History
In 1999 when the internet was still young Tarps Plus started high volume tarp sales to the trucking industry, offering only four colors of poly tarps. Due to the demand from high quality tarps and service Tarps Plus started selling tarps in large and small quantities of all types. Since then Tarps Plus has become one of the leading Tarps Suppliers in North America, offering poly tarps, canvas tarps, hay tarps, truck tarps, vinyl tarps, mesh tarps and various other types of tarp covers. In 1955, the plastic industry started to increase its total output by making volumes of plastic that is a main component in making poly tarps, and known as polyethylene. The plastic poly tarp has become very useful since it's inception as well as being more cost effective than the original canvas tarp. Tarps Plus is based out of California and Texas offering tarps for emergencies as well as personal use. Tarps Plus tarps have been used all over the world from rain tarps in Oregon to canvas tarps in Mobile Alabama, truck tarps in Florida, tarps in Seattle and poly tarpaulin in the United Kingdom. We offer the Tarps Plus brand tarps as well as brands like Mauritzon, Polytuf Brands, Shurco tarps ad much more… Our main office is located at Los Angeles.


Lowest Price GUARANTEE on all tarps! guarantees lowest prices on tarps! We will beat any advertised price from legitimate competitors on an identical product that we stock, including shipping, rebates and tax. The prices are guaranteed on tarps that are stocked by any other tarp company. The cost includes the shipping, tax and rebate money. Tarps Plus will beat the price of any of our competitor's price. Rather than spending money on the Walmart tarps and Home Depot tarps, it is good to get from here, as the company specializes in making tarps, and this could save a lot of money. You cannot get anyone who sells tarps for less, and if you do, please contact us at at . This does not include closeouts, liquidations and clearance items. The Company does match the wholesale club prices, when there is a joining fee (i.e. Costco Wholesale, and Sam's Club Wholesale)..


Purchasing Safely Online
A number of alerts and safety websites like "Scan Alert" have been used to protect any credit card fraud and identity theft. The website of Tarps plus is tested and certified, so that it passed the FBI/SANS Internet Security Vulnerabilities Test, and this is done every minute.


Fast Service
Tarps Plus provides super fast delivery services. All the orders are shipped within 24 hours, excluding the custom orders. Most of the orders that are placed before 2:00 Central Standard Time are shipped on the same day! Since we are located in Los Angeles on the west coast, the orders are still going!


Satisfaction Guarantee

The mission of Tarps Plus is to satisfy every customer. We look after the orders made by the customers, so that the relationship between them and us stays for long. If you are dissatisfied with the item or service, you can always return it back within 30 days from the order date. This will help you to receive the store credit price back, minus the handling and shipping fees. If the item was shipped free t you, then you will get the cash back with the outbound freight charges deducted, and 20% of the restocking fee.

While returning the item, it should be unused and returned in new condition. While shipping back, you should make sure to send the product inside its original cover, with all the parts, accessories and paperwork to ensure you get the cash back. Here, "New and Unused "means returning the item without any scratches, marks, and blemishes. The Tarps should be placed in a sealed package. No items will be accepted back, if they have been used.

In addition, all the returned items should be sent back with its original documentation.

All items that are returned following the above instruction will receive store credit.


Dedication To Top Quality Service
Tarps Plus' top priority is to offer our customers the best service they have ever had. This means working with our customers and finding new ways to make them happy. Our motto is, "Anybody can sell a tarp, a widget or whatever; we are trying to build friendships while offering the best tarps at the lowest prices anywhere." If you have any suggestions on how we can improve any aspect of our products or service, please give us a call and we will implement it right away. We're serious, call us at: 1-800-838-3057


Our support team will answer to all your emails within 24 hours. We strive hard to clarify all our customer doubts and email them on the same day. You can always send your comments or questions to .


Tarps Plus retail store and makes sure that our customer's details are not sold to other companies and also, we take care not to send out email spam or junk mail to our buyers.


"Tarps Plus Warranty"

Any item that is not good can be sent back within 30 - days for replacement, but this should be done within one month of its purchase. You get only a limited warranty. However, damages caused by earthquake, snow, fire, hurricane, or any other nature acts will not be replaced. The limited warranty will not cover any damages caused by improper installation or misuse for those items purchased from our website. The Company is not liable for incidental, indirect or consequential damages during usage of the tarp or item. Nothing related to substitute equipment or service will be take care during periods of non-use. Any flawed tarp or inoperative must be returned, shipped pre-paid, to Tarps Plus. The return address will be "Returns",
5651 FM 971
Weir, TX 78674.
There is no other warranty offered other than the one mentioned above by the


Our Shipping Policy:
Our Company takes pride in sending your item as soon as possible. The items in stock are shipped within 2 days of its purchase. Most of the items are shipped to the destination within one or two business days. However, few of the items can take up to fifteen business days, and it depends on the season. The Company takes all the effort to make sure that the customer receives the item as early as possible. Our goal is to ensure that the customer receives the tarps directly at their doorsteps at the earliest. Business days are from Monday through Friday. Any item is needed within a certain date, contact support and ask for help. The Company is happy to help you and make you feel happy by sending the item to you within the date you asked for. This includes Canada, North America and Mexico.

We ship by FedEx Ground-Commercial.

A sales tax of 8.75% is paid by the California residents, and all the orders that are shipped outside of California do not have to pay the sales tax.

Charges for Address correction:

If you have given incorrect shipping address (wrong zip code, missing apartment #, wrong home #, etc), then you will be charged 5 dollars for ground packages. If the correction was made after the package has been shipped, then 10 dollars for air package services will be charged. An incorrect address can delay the item to be delivered to you. Hence, Please double check the shipping address that you have filled out is accurate.

This fee is charged to us by FedEx for incorrect addresses and will be billed to the credit card your order was placed with. If you feel you have been charged this fee in error, please contact us so we may dispute the fee with the package delivery company. We appreciate your understanding. FedEx charges this fee to us, if an incorrect address is provided by you, and your credit card will be billed for the order that was placed with us. If you feel that this fee was charged due to some mistakes, then please feel free to contact our support team, who can help you to solve the dispute with the company that has delivered your package. Your understanding is greatly appreciated here!
Upon placing your order, you'll receive a confirmation email from us, and it will have all the details of your order. Within 1 or 2 business days, you'll receive a second email with details of our order being shipped. The Tracking information is also included with that email, which makes things easier for you to track down your package. Any questions regarding tracking do contact us or send an email to and include your name and order number.


How to cancel an order:
Once the processing starts, it is difficult to locate your order as large volumes of orders are being processed within 1 to 12 hours. However, the company can't make a promise to you on locating your order and cancelling it. Hence, we charge $10 for cancelling orders that are processed. On the other hand, cancelling orders once the item is shipped is not possible. If you want to cancel the order prior to the delivery date, then please do let us know to help you on this. If the items are not shipped then it cancelling the order will not be a problem for us. If the items are already shipped, then you need to follow the policy regarding the return procedures. Please have a look at the return policy section to know more about how to return the product. If you cancel the delivery, then the store will minus 20% against restocking fee from the store credit price, and also deduct any associated fees against shipping. In regards to order cancellation prior delivery, contact us or email us at We accept your cancellation, if the items are not shipped by us till then. On the other hand, if the items are shipped, you need to follow the standard return policy or refuse delivery. Please read through the policy for more information on cancelling and returning the item.

If you like to cancel your order before the delivery date, please send an email immediately to or call: 1-800-838-3057 Ext. 2. All your orders or order will be canceled if the items are still not shipped. However, if the items have been shipped, then you should call us and refuse delivery. You can also follow our standard return steps and do the necessary. If the package was shipped earlier, then there will be a cancellation fee. Please read through the return section for returning your product.

Tarps Plus is a subsidiary of Abadak Inc.


Government Orders:
We need to live up to the high standards, if we have to deal with tarps. We have experts to deal with the government agencies, regarding tarps. We have a long history, as we have been dealing with the federal government, military and local government for quite a long time. Tarps Plus has been registered with the Central Contract Registry(CCR), and we know the dynamics and the proper protocol that is needed for dealing with the government.

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