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Your swing set will last along time with this high grade polyethylene swing set tarp. Grommets every 18 inches with a 14x14 mesh count.

Technical Aspects Of Swing Set Tarps For Play Sets

The most common use of playset tarps is to cover a swing or jungle gym area. Because parents are extremely aware of the harmful dangers of the sun, these products are increasingly popular in backyards and schools. They last many years.

Our swing set tarps allow for play on rainy days so one doesn't need to worry about bored children anymore. The tarp maintains the quality of the playset, protecting it from damp. It will also be protected from the sun, which can fade paint.

The play set tarps are made from heavy marine grade polyethylene. Marine grade means that it's an item suitable for marine use. This is the toughest environment for a product to withstand as there is constant contact with harsh salt water and sun that needs withstanding. Any marine grade item is the very highest quality.

This is a highly durable fabric. It's almost tear proof, so durability is extended. Hail damage won't be a problem anymore. The tarps contain a special UV protection. It's vital to protect young children from the sun with the rising incidence of skin cancer. Parents want to be sure that their kids are protected at all times and a sun cream only lasts a few hours before it needs to be reapplied. This way, children don't need to be interrupted for constant reapplications of lotion and play time is extended.

,br> The tarp retards mildew, which is a common problem. This lessens the time required to clean the product and is another aspect that lengthens its life. Mildew is unattractive and with this retarding factor, colors shine through clearly. Color is important to children. Bright shades are preferable and often make a play set more tempting to use. This tarp provides a wide range of shades to choose from. Brass grommets are placed every 18 inches, strengthening the product significantly. Every aspect of this product is there to ensure safety, long life, strength and attractiveness. Playset tarps are sure to improve the quality of any child's playing environment.

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