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Flame Retardant Vinyl Tarps Polyester Coated 18oz.

Below is some educational information about vinyl  tarps:

The 18 oz yellow vinyl polyester coated tarps are flame retardant, waterproof, and tear resistant. The vinyl polyester coated tarps are great gym floor covers, vinyl decor, paint booth curtains, floor coverings, athletic covers and fire department salvage covers. The yellow shade of these tarps stands out.

Yellow flame retardant vinyl tarps have heat sealed seams with grommets every 24". CFM approved. Meets MIL Spec C - 43 006 B.

  • Fabric: 18 oz Yellow Vinyl Polyester Coated
  • Waterproof vinyl, Tear Resistant
  • Flame Retardant vinyl
  • Heat sealed seams
  • Rust-resistant grommets every 2 ft. on all sides
  • Size is cut size. Tarp's finished size is up to 3% - 5% smaller

Typical 18 oz. Flame Retardant Yellow Vinyl Polyester Coated Tarp Applications

The 18 oz. flame retardant yellow vinyl polyester coated tarp, just like the red one, is a high visibility tarp. But since it’s yellow, it has a slightly different purpose. Tarp users usually use this as a warning sign because it can easily be seen even during the night.

These vinyl coated polyester tarps are treated with substances that can delay the production of flames. So they’re best used for places and applications where fire risks are present. The surrounding properties will take less damage because these flame retardant tarps can slow down or stop the spread of fire.

Below are the other recommended uses of the 18 oz. flame retardant yellow vinyl polyester coated tarp:

  • Floor cover
  • Stage roof cover
  • Structure cover
  • Salvage cover
  • Machine cover
  • Equipment cover
  • Tent/canopy top cover
  • Industrial cover
  • Agricultural cover
  • Booth divider curtain
  • Room divider curtain
  • Recreational cover


More Info on 18 oz. Flame Retardant Yellow Vinyl Polyester Coated Tarp Specifications

The 18 oz. flame retardant yellow vinyl polyester coated tarp is a cover that will last for years. They can also handle demanding applications. Great for indoor and outdoor use, these tarps can be used for most of your covering needs. Need a tarp to be used continuously for months? Go with this tarp.

These sturdy tarps have heat sealed seams. They are also resistant to tearing. So when it comes to tough jobs, these tarps can excellently perform. They have a waterproof surface so they can provide quality rain protection. Other liquids and the harmful agents that come with the rain cannot degrade these tarps easily.

There are rust resistant grommets found along the sides of the flame retardant vinyl coated polyester tarp.

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