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White Vinyl Mesh Tarps

The white vinyl mesh tarps are a favorite of gardeners and backyard enthusiasts.

All the vinyl coated mesh tarps have heat sealed seams, web reinforced hems and brass grommets every 24 inches around the perimeter of the tarp. Note: The white vinyl coated mesh tarp are custom made tarps. The vinyl coated mesh tarps are handmade here in the United States. 

Note: These are made to order tarps. This vinyl tarp is hand-sewn here in the United States. It takes approximately 15 - 20 business days before your tarp is shipped to you. We appreciate your patience.

  • Fabric: 10 oz per sq. yd, 11 x 11 count plain weave, provides 50% shade
  • Oil, grease, acid and mildew defiant
  • The white vinyl mesh tarp has heat sealed seams and web reinforced hems
  • Breathable
  • Brass grommets every 2 ft. on all sides.
  • UV resistant

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White Vinyl Mesh Tarps
White Vinyl Mesh Tarps - 5x7

Vinyl Mesh Tarp - White - 5' x 7'


White Vinyl Mesh Tarps - 6x8

Vinyl Mesh Tarp - White - 6' x 8'


White Vinyl Mesh Tarps - 8x10

Vinyl Mesh Tarp - White - 8' x 10'


White Vinyl Mesh Tarps - 10x10

Vinyl Mesh Tarp - White - 10' x 10'


White Vinyl Mesh Tarps - 10x12

Vinyl Mesh Tarp - White - 10' x 12'


White Vinyl Mesh Tarps - 10x16

Vinyl Mesh Tarp - White - 10' x 16'


White Vinyl Mesh Tarps - 12x16

Vinyl Mesh Tarp - White - 12' x 16'


White Vinyl Mesh Tarps - 12x20

Vinyl Mesh Tarp - White - 12' x 20'


White Vinyl Mesh Tarps - 16x20

Vinyl Mesh Tarp - White - 16' x 20'


White Vinyl Mesh Tarps - 20x20

Vinyl Mesh Tarp - White - 20' x 20'


White Vinyl Mesh Tarps - 20x30

Vinyl Mesh Tarp - White - 20' x 30'


White Vinyl Mesh Tarps - 20x40

Vinyl Mesh Tarp - White - 20' x 40'


White Vinyl Mesh Tarps - 30x30

Vinyl Mesh Tarp - White - 30' x 30'


White Vinyl Mesh Tarps - 30x50

Vinyl Mesh Tarp - White - 30' x 50'


White Vinyl Mesh Tarps - 40x40

Vinyl Mesh Tarp - White - 40' x 40'



Ideal White Vinyl Coated Mesh Tarp Applications

Need a light-colored yet inconspicuous cover? The white vinyl coated mesh tarp is just right for you. This multi-purpose cover allows you to enjoy the outdoors while being protected from the harmful rays coming from the sun. Install it on your balcony, porch or garden.

This white tarp is a great shelter for various outdoor activities. The mesh design lets in 50% of the light through. Your guests are protected and at the same time, you get good visibility under the shade of this tarp.

The typical applications for the white vinyl coated mesh tarps include the following:

  • Industrial
  • Trucking
  • Privacy fencing
  • Construction
  • Wind break
  • Agricultural
  • Landscaping
  • Lawn care and maintenance

Since light and water can permeate the white vinyl coated mesh tarp, we do not recommend them for purposes that require covers that provide full protection. Need complete sun and rain protection? Check out the other products offered here at Tarps Plus. We have a wide selection of tarps and you’ll surely find the one that fits your needs.


White Vinyl Coated Mesh Tarp Qualities

The toughness of vinyl combined with the mesh design, heat sealed seams and web reinforced hems makes the white vinyl coated mesh tarp great for outdoor storage applications. The tarp is resistant to tearing and abrasions. It can also withstand the damaging agents carried by different weather conditions. With its resistance to oil and grease, the tarp is usable in applications that require oil-based substances.

The white vinyl coated mesh tarp is recommended for plant growers. Since this tarp allows sunlight and water through, plants—especially the low light ones—will thrive. The controlled environment allows them to develop healthily.

Grommets placed along the sides of the tarp allow you to install the cover quickly. Ropes or cords are used with these rings. And if you need tie-downs for your tarps, we have them available here.

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