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Two Panel Welding Tarps

Below is some educational information about welding tarps:

Two panel flame retardant welding tarps come with the frame and platform legs. Welding has never been safer with these welding tarps. The fire retardant material will inhibit spark from igniting and catching on fire.

Durable Two Panel Welding Tarps

The new, durable, two panel welding tarps can offer the protection and coverage you need when working. Safety is a huge concern when you are working on something that can be flammable or ignite without warning. Using the new tarps that are available, you can ensure that everyone remains safe on and off the job site.

The strong construction of the frame and platform legs can help keep the tarp in place, especially during windy conditions. During a welding job, sparks can fly in every direction and become potentially hazardous if they ignite or land on something flammable. Protecting the work area and keeping everyone safe should be the number one concern on the job.

People that work in this industry realize the importance of keeping everything protected while they are working. Imagine how much easier it would be to get a job done if you didn't have to worry about flying sparks that could ignite something. You will love how the heavy duty construction of these covers keeps everything protected.

This special tarp is made with a flame retardant material that can protect the area around you while you are working. It also will help the tarp not catch fire, too.

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