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TarpsPlus™ Poly Boat Tarps Cases

Boats tarps are waterproof and lightweight. Boat tarps are more economical tarps for boats. If you are looking for boat tarps made for hurricanes, go to our hurricane page. Poly boat tarps can fit many boats and are easier to store.

The poly boat tarp is also great for compact storage. 

Boat Tarps - Poly Tarp
4.0 oz. Per Square Yard. - 1100 Denier - 10x10 Weave Count

  • Grommets approximately every 3 feet
  • Acid resistant
  • Waterproof
  • Mold defiant
  • Arctic temperature-resistant
  • Tear resistant
  • Ultraviolet treated on two sides

Note: These boat tarps are flat rectangular tarp covers with grommets around the entire perimeter of the tarp. The boat tarp is not custom made to fit your personal boat. The material is not pre-shaped. To conform the material to the boat, it is suggested to cover the boat tarpaulin to the boat and fasten the material under the boat to create a snug fit. These boat tarps are 100% waterproof and will protect you boat against heavy rain. Boat tarps can be fastened by rope or bungee cords with hooks on the end which can be found on our accessories page.

More Info on Poly Boat Tarps

Your boat should never be left uncovered outdoors. Remember that rain and ultraviolet rays coming from the sun can bring damage to your boat. So keep it protected by using a boat cover. The cover has a waterproof surface which also prevents the formation of mold and mildew. It’s a cover that reduces damages caused by moisture. The heat of the sun can chip or peel the paint of your boat. But if you use this poly boat tarp which is treated against ultraviolet rays, your boat is safe from the damages caused by the intense rays of the sun.

The poly boat tarp doesn’t have straps for a snug fit. But it does have grommets so you can easily secure the tarp on your boat. Use with cords or ropes to tie down the tarp. 

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