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Tarp Clamp

Tarp Clamp

The tarp clip grabs on to the tarp and on to a pole. It enables you to attach the tarp to your own pole structure.

Tarp Clamp
Tarp Clamp 10 Piece Bag

1-3/8" Plastic Tarp Clamp 10 Piece Bag



More Information on Tarp Clamps

Using tarp clamps is just another way of securing the tarp to a pole frame. Other tie-down systems are used with grommets to fasten the tarp. But with tarp clamps, all you need to do is clip the tarp on the pole. These clamps can also be used with a netting or shade cloth.

The popular applications of tarp clamps include the following:

  • Cold frames
  • Greenhouses
  • Enclosures
  • Row covers
  • Carports



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