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Storm Boat Tarp

Storm Boat Tarp

The Storm Boat Tarp is a heavy-duty cover which can handle long-term storage and trailering along highways. So you don't just get a cover for storing, but you also get one which protects your boat when transporting the vessel from one location to another via truck.

Storm Boat Tarp Qualities

The Storm Boat Tarp is made of polyester fabric. It’s a material that can resist stretching, chemicals, mildew, abrasions, wrinkling and shrinking. It’s very easy to maintain as long as you clean and store the cover properly. Regardless of the changing seasons or weather conditions, this tarp is able to maintain its original form.

This cover will fit well on your boat because it features an integrated buckle and strap system and an elastic cord in the bottom hem. This tarp is also trailerable. So purchasing another cover for transporting purposes will not be necessary. 

The Storm Boat Tarp features built-in stiffeners and dual rear air vents. They lessen the wind pressure during windy days and when your boat is being transported. Reduced moisture formation is also another advantage of these features.

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