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Our 100' x 100' silver / black super heavy duty BLACKOUT tarps are our premiere poly tarp.  Built for durability and ready to perform.  This silver/black (silver on the top and black on the seam side) are built for people who want blackout light and get the longest lasting poly tarp.  Our silver/black BLACKOUT super heavy duty tarps are built much thicker than other tarp brands.   The quality of this tarp proves itself time after time.  The UV extra treatment enables the material to last longer with sun exposure and the reinforced corner bars on all four corners make the tarp attachable to many tougher applications. 

These tarps are made with our tightest woven polyethylene weave count (14x16) which makes it our most dense and durable poly tarp.  The super heavy duty tarps stand tough against harsher conditions more so than all our other poly tarps; for applications like canopy tent covers, pond liners,  longer-term emergency roof coverage after a storm, long term sunlight protection, athletic field covers or debris hauling, gym floor covers and more.  Unlike other brands that use plastic grommets that get weathered crack and break, our super heavy duty silver / black poly tarps are equipped with metal grommets that last longer and can handle tough applications.

Some Other Uses Include car, boat, truck, and RV coverage, makeshift shelters, keeping firewood dry, and providing longer-term shade.  The uses for a heavy-duty tarp are nearly endless and is always a great idea to keep one on hand, whether at home or on the go.

The Super Heavy Duty BLACKOUT Tarp is a super rugged and tough poly tarp that blocks sunlight very well.  The silver finish combined with the black under layer and U.V. treatment enables this tarp to block the sun's rays and hold a longer life span than most poly tarps.  This high weave polyethylene tarp is 100% waterproof so whenever you prop one of these tarps on your canopy or cover your valuable gear, you can rest assured that water will not drip through the material.

The moment you hold the material you can feel the denseness of the material, it's durability and high gloss poly coating.  This tarp gives you durable, long-lasting coverage in a compact package.  The tarp is strong and dense which enables you to fold it compactly.   Emergency coverage for the home or on the go.  Whether you are the avid adventurer or an average person who wants to be ready for action this tarp is the way to go.  This tarp is perfect to have on hand in your house, car, truck, boat or RV to make sure you are enabled to handle numerous heavy duty applications.

100' x 100' Super Heavy Duty Poly BLACKOUT Tarp Specs:

·          7.0 oz per square yard

·          Grommets every 18 Inches

·          14x16 Weave Count

·          Rope Reinforced

·          Heat Sealed Seams

·          14 Mil Thickness

·          1400 Denier

·          Material: Polyethylene

·          Dimensions: 100' x 100' is approx. 6"  or up to 3 % smaller

What's Great About The 100' x 100' Super Heavy Duty Poly BLACKOUT Tarp

·          Tough & Durable

·          Waterproof

·          Mildew Resistant

·          Arctic Flexibility

·          Versatile

·          Strong Poly Material

·          Transportable

·          Easy Storage

Benefits of The 100' x 100' Super Heavy Duty Poly BLACKOUT Tarp

·          On The Go Emergency Coverage

·          Coverage for Damaged Roof After a Storm

·          Easy Debris Management

·          Water Containment / Pond, Water, Ice Rink liner

·          Limitless uses for weather protection for you and your valuables

·          Easy to Apply Tarp to Application

These super heavy duty tarps are dense, U.V. treated and are ready to shield the sun, rain or snow.  Our heavy duty poly tarps are heavier than most poly tarps but are dense, easy to store and are ideal when you need coverage that is easy and on the go.  Some Uses Include temporary car, boat, truck, and RV coverage, makeshift shelters, keeping firewood dry, and providing temporary shade.  The uses for a light duty tarp are nearly endless and is always a great idea to keep one on hand, whether at home or on the go.

Written by Kieth Marbry

January 17, 2019

Definitely the thickest poly tarp out there. We use these tarps for covering up chem drums and these silver black combo tarps are for sure the longest lasted out of the lot we have used in the past year. Very satisfied.

Written by Jake Reller

March 04, 2019

I ordered a 100x100 in silver last year from another tarp company and it did not even last the full year. I ordered this 100x100 silver/black tarps from Tarps Plus and the first noticeable difference is that the Tarps Plus tarp was almost twice as large for the same size. That should tell you that the other tarp companies are lying about the grade, thickness and quality of the tarps they sell. Tarps Plus is for sure a company that offers high quality stand up products.

Written by Greg Ferris

June 18, 2019

The best poly tarp out there for sure. This is our 4th tarp in the past 7 years. The first one is still good, we just need more for our facility. The silver side reflects the sun very well and the black poly under-lining keeps what we are covering dry and cool. Always the best.

Written by Mark Flaven

June 23, 2020

The quality of the tarp is absolutely apparent when you hold the material in your hands. I use the silver and black tarps for construction and it's important to get quality grade instead of the cheap stuff. The poly coating on this tarp is very thick and shiny, it looks like there is more of a film on these compared to the store-bought tarpaulins. I've always been happy with the performance of the tarps, so I'll give it a high rating.

Written by Gary Bruce

July 10, 2020

Wow, this tarp is thick and heavy. I knew it was going to be on the heavy side but man. The tarp came on a pallet so make sure you can accept it that way. I have forks on my tractor so I was able to move it to my barn without an issue. The material is thick but still very manageable. The tarp has a nice gloss to it, more so than most poly tarps I have used in the past.
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