Party Tent Top 20' x 40'

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The 20x40 party tent top replacements are made for our party tent tops and are made to last.

Party Tent Top Replacements 20x40

  • Heavy-duty polyester oxford top cover
  • 400 denier
  • Fire retardant
  • UV protection
  • Water and weather resistant
  • Water resisting pressure:1,000mmHg
  • Easy set-up

Additional Information 

Denier. The mass in grams per 9k meters of thread is called denier. A larger number means a thicker thread. 

Polyester oxford. This fabric can resist harmful chemical agents, abrasion and stretching. It is durable, breathable and quick drying as well. 

Fire retardant. Fire retardants are substances that lessen the flammability of materials. Flame retardant items can either slow down or stop the spreading flames in case of fire.

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