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The Party Tent Top Replacements 12' x 12' are specially manufactured for the party tents we sell. You can easily replace the old one with this cover. Get a Party Tent Top Replacement 12' x 12' now. 

Party Tent Top Replacements 12' x 12'

  • Polyester oxford
  • Heavy-duty
  • Weather resistant
  • Water resisting pressure: one thousand mmHg
  • 400D

Available in red, green, blue, white, yellow with white stripes, green with white stripes, red with white stripes or blue with white stripes.

Additional Information

Polyester oxford. This is a long-lasting, breathable, quick-drying fabric that resists chemical agents, abrasions and stretching.

Denier. Denier is the mass in grams per 9k meters of thread.

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