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Patio Tarps

Below is some educational information about patio tarps:

Patio tarps are designed to shade the sun as well as keep wind from blowing your shade away. The mesh material lets the wind through the tarp and diffuses it. The patio tarps are a great way to shade your patio as well as a great way to decorate the backyard.

  • Mesh tarp material
  • Double stitched edges around the tarp.
  • Flexible and tear resistant.

Patio Tarp Qualities

You can turn a simple outdoor space into a beautiful, relaxing spot. Install a patio tarp and then place outdoor chairs and tables underneath so you can enjoy the outdoors during hot, sunny days.

Patio tarps are made of mesh fabric. This means that the cover does not fully block the light coming from the sun. But the shade is definitely enough to keep you cool and protected from the harmful rays of the sun.

Mesh tarps are able to lessen the power of the wind. They do not resist it. Instead, they let the air through. The strong winds will not be able to blow away these tarps. Since these tarps are flexible and tear resistant, the wind cannot damage the tarp easily. But in case of severe weather, the tarp has to be taken down because it is no match against Mother Nature.




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