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Painter Tarps

The painter tarps absorb most paint spills and protect the floor. Our painter tarps are very thick and strong and will last job after job. In most interior projects, canvas painter tarps offer more superior protection compared with plastic tarps. Canvas painter's tarps stay put, especially on rugs or couches. The plastic tarps will slide and do well with a slippery floor. The painter tarps can be laid down and do not slide around. We recommend these tarps for both novices and paint contractors.

Put the painter's tarp on the ground and right up against the wall and you will never have to worry about drips. You can always be sure of the quality of our painter tarps.

Painter Tarp Qualities

Our painter tarps are often used for interior paint projects. They can be used outdoors but make sure to use them only during sunny days. The tarp is an absorbent. Once it reaches the saturation point, it can no longer absorb paint. You may have to dry it first before you can use it again.

Painter tarps are able to stay in place. They are less slippery compared with other tarps. Still, you need to be careful when walking on these covers so that you will not slip on the floor while doing your indoor painting project.

The absorbency of painter tarps is amazing. They do not allow the paint to soak on the floor or on the item it covers. Paint tarps are also able to prevent paint from transferring to your feet or shoes when you step on them.

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