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Heavy Duty White Vinyl Tarps - 10oz.

These white vinyl tarps are super heavy-duty and industrial grade. These 10 oz coated white vinyl tarps are waterproof and have high abrasion resistance. These vinyl tarps resist oil, acid, grease and mildew. The vinyl tarp is ideal for agriculture, construction, and industrial applications.

Note: These are made to order tarps. This vinyl tarp is hand-sewn here in the United States. Due to an unusually busy season it now takes approximately 15 - 20 business days before your tarp is shipped to you. We appreciate your patience.

  • 10 oz per sq.yd
  • Waterproof
  • High abrasion resistance
  • High tear strength
  • Heat sealed seams
  • Grommets approximately every 2 ft. on all sides
  • Size is cut size. Tarp's finished size is up to 2% or 6" smaller
Heavy Duty White Vinyl Tarps - 10oz.
White Vinyl Tarp 5x7

10oz Vinyl Tarp - White - 5' x 7'


White Vinyl Tarp 6x8

10oz Vinyl Tarp - White - 6' x 8'


White Vinyl Tarp 8x10

10oz Vinyl Tarp - White - 8' x 10'


White Vinyl Tarp 10x10

10oz Vinyl Tarp - White - 10' x 10'


White Vinyl Tarp 10x12

10oz Vinyl Tarp - White - 10' x 12'


White Vinyl Tarp 10x16

10oz Vinyl Tarp - White - 10' x 16'


White Vinyl Tarp 12x16

10oz Vinyl Tarp - White - 12' x 16'


White Vinyl Tarp 12x20

10oz Vinyl Tarp - White - 12' x 20'


White Vinyl Tarp 16x20

10oz Vinyl Tarp - White - 16' x 20'


White Vinyl Tarp 20x20

10oz Vinyl Tarp - White - 20' x 20'


White Vinyl Tarp 20x30

10oz Vinyl Tarp - White - 20' x 30'


White Vinyl Tarp 20x40

10oz Vinyl Tarp - White - 20' x 40'



Recommended Heavy Duty White Vinyl Tarp Uses

There are tons of items the heavy duty white vinyl tarps can protect. Thick yet lightweight, they keep your properties, materials and supplies safe from moisture, heat and other damaging agents. They are easy to apply to just about any covering need.

These heavy duty white vinyl tarps are great for camouflaging during the winter. Some prefer to pick these tarps for survival operations under freezing temperatures. Looking for tough winter covers? The white vinyl tarps are highly recommended.

We also recommend these vinyl tarps for various industrial applications. In some factories and warehouses, oil based paints and cleaners are being used. These tarps are oil resistant. When you use these covers in such places, cleaning up will be a lot easier.


Qualities of Heavy Duty White Vinyl Tarps

Tough and long-term applications can be handled by these heavy duty white vinyl tarps. So even if you expose these covers outdoors for months, they are still good for your future covering needs.

The grommets found along the sides help you fasten the tarps easily. You can use either ropes or bungee cords. Both accessories can be ordered from Tarps Plus. The tie-downs are inserted through the eyelets with the other end attached to something for security.

These heavy duty white vinyl tarps are very resistant to tearing and abrasions. They are specifically designed for demanding applications. These tarps will not tear or rip regardless of strong winds and severe weather conditions. They are waterproof so they can withstand the damaging acts of various liquids and moisture. Treated against UV rays, these tarps will not deteriorate from frequent exposure to the sun.

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