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Reduce your backyard cleaning time by half by getting the most time-saving and economical yard cleaning solution: our Green/Black Drawstring Tarp - Adjustable - 12 x 20. There are less cleaning hassles when you have this tarp. With its size, you can place all the leaves you?ve swept instead of using multiple garbage bags. During fall, you can also lay the tarp on the ground at night so when morning comes, there will be less sweeping to do.

You can easily move the swept leaves from one place to another. The drawstrings on the four sides allow you to easily drag them all at once. These Green/Black Drawstring Tarps - Adjustable - 12 x 20 can also be used for transporting wood chips, soil and gravel. This tarp is also recommended for cleaning recreational places such as parks.

Aside from yard maintenance, this drawstring tarp can also be used for covering your pool whenever it?s not in use. This tarp is also made from polypropylene, a breathable material which allows air to circulate.

Written by preethi

June 28, 2016

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