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December 26 2012 - A Whole New Line of Tarps Plus Brand Tarps for 2013

We are expanding our catalog of tarps to find the niche markets and satisfy specific users of tarps. One of our new product lines are tree and shrub covers for the winter months. These tarps help protect the plants in the harsh winter weather and enable them to grow more easily. Our other new line of tarps are the dumb truck tarps. The specialized hardcovers enable truck drivers to cover their load and uncover the reload with manual and electronic mechanisms. Many of our established brand tarps will also receive a packaging facelift for department stores. The tarps will be on display at the Tarps plus retail stores in Los Angeles and Austin Texas. The range of type will span poly tarps, canvas tarps, hay tarps and various truck tarps. We also have plans to distribute the tarps at Lowe's hardware stores by the end of 2013.
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