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Car Tarps

Below is some educational information about car tarps:

Car tarps are specially made to custom fit mostly every car on the road. The car tarps are made of high grade 100% waterproof fabric that protects cars against dirt, scratches, pollution and sun damage.

If you are looking to buy tarps for cars you will want to make sure that the tarp is 100% waterproof. All our car tarp covers have been tested for water repelling and heat exposure.

More Info on Our Car Tarps

Here are the advantages of using car tarps:

  • The color of the car will not fade from constant exposure to UV rays and rain
  • Shields your ride from dusts, dents, dings, nicks and scratches
  • Shields your car from dusts, saps, pollen, bird droppings and other natural hazards
  • With an added lock and cable, thieves can be stopped from stealing your vehicle
  • Can be used for long-term storage

We offer mostly car covers from Classic Accessories. These tarps are designed for all-season protection. They are heavy-duty covers that come with a storage bag.

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