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Canvas Drop Cloth

Heavy Duty Cotton

  • Finished Size: 6" or 3% less than stated size
  • Natural/Untreated
  • Weight: 10 oz/yd² 
  • Absorbent
  • No Grommets

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Canvas Drop Cloth
Canvas Drop Cloth 4' x 15'

Canvas Drop Cloth 4' x 15'



Ideal Canvas Drop Cloth Uses

For demanding home improvement projects and painting jobs, our canvas drop cloth is recommended. The material made of 10-ounce thread canvas is rot proof. The seams are double-stitched. With these qualities, you get a cover that is reusable. This product is great for individuals who frequently have DIY projects.

You don’t have to transfer your furniture and carpets from one room to another once you’ve decided to have painting job in one of your rooms. Just blanket them with a canvas drop cloth. With these covers, you can quickly clean up the mess after a painting job.

Note that this cloth is only designed for construction projects. It should not be used for garments and artwork.


Qualities of Canvas Drop Cloth

You can easily clean the mess with the aid of a canvas drop cloth. It is able to absorb paint spills and trap debris and dirt. Once the paint is absorbed, the canvas material prevents it from spreading.

Our canvas drop cloth hangs on well to furniture and equipment. It can stay in its place. You don’t have to tape the cloth just to keep it from moving around.

If you regularly do painting jobs, getting the canvas drop cloth is recommended. It can be used plenty of times. Just clean the cloth with a washing machine after use.

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