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Painters tarps are a type of drop cloth that is used to cover floors when a painting project is required for a ceiling or wall. The tarp that is used by a painter can be temporary for one or two jobs or made to last for multiple jobs.

Various options are available for a tarp that can be used by a painter. The most common type for use by a painter is a canvas material. If a temporary tarp is used, it can be made from cloth or plastic. A painter can also make use of a vinyl material if a quick solution is needed.

A tarp that is used by a painter should not slide around on the floor. If you will be painting in a room or area with a slippery floor, you do not want to use a plastic material. When a canvas material is used the tarp will not slide around on the floor and will be safer for a painter up on a ladder. The 12x12 canvas drop cloth tarp is the perfect mid range size of cover for the average job.

The use of a plastic material means that it will need to be taped to the floor. However, carpet floors will not work well with material that needs to be taped. Cloth material or canvas does not need require tapes to secure it to the floor. You can use various types of painters tarps depending on the scope of the project. If you are a novice or an individual that likes do-it-yourself projects, you will need to use the proper equipment and materials for the job.

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