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Camouflage Vinyl Tarps 18oz.

Below is some educational information about vinyl tarps:

18 oz coated camouflage vinyl tarps are waterproof and have high tear and abrasion resistance. We manufacture these green polyester vinyl tarps that are oil, grease and mildew resistant. Our super heavy duty 18 oz coated camo vinyl tarps are great for trucking, roofing, construction, recreational and athletic products, industrial and agriculture purposes. 18 oz coated vinyl tarps make great hay tarps and are a favorite of farmers.

  • Tear and abrasion resistant
  • Oil and mildew resistant
  • UV resistant
  • Heat sealed seams

Recommended 18 oz. Camouflage Vinyl Tarp Applications

When camping out, it is important to hide your stuff from plain sight. And if you want a cover that camouflages and provides quality protection at the same time, choose the 18 oz. camouflage vinyl tarp.

The color of this tarp can easily blend with the natural environment. That’s why this camo vinyl tarp is often used for military operations, wildlife studies, hunting, camping and fishing trips.

Camouflage tarps can be used for your regular covering needs. Since the vinyl tarps have better protective qualities than regular tarps, they can be used for covering your properties, supplies and materials which are exposed outdoors. You can also give your yard a military feel by using these tarps.

If you need tarps that are very obvious, the camouflage tarps are not recommended. Depending on your needs, you’ll find yellow, red and orange colored tarps useful for your purposes. Check out the other varieties and choose which suits your needs best.


18 oz. Camouflage Vinyl Tarp Qualities

The 18 oz. camouflage vinyl tarp is heavier than most tarps. They are designed to last for a long time. So we recommend this cover for heavy-duty applications and long-term use.

The camouflage vinyl tarp can withstand abrasions. It has heat sealed seams and is resistant to tearing. These qualities make the tarp ideal for demanding outdoor jobs. This tarp can also be used under different weather conditions. It will not easily deteriorate even when you frequently expose it to the sun. And when it rains, your items and the tarp itself will not get damaged by the water and all the harmful agents brought by rain. With resistance to oil, the tarp can be used for applications that require the use of oil-based products.

Each cover has grommets placed along the sides. You can easily tie down the tarp with these rings by using ropes or cords.

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