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Blue Mesh Tarps - Shade Screens

Blue Mesh Tarps - Shade Screens

Construction sites and sports facilities--these are just two of the places where the blue mesh tarps - shade screens are being used. Made of top quality polyethylene, everything under this tarp is protected from wind, sun and debris.

These blue mesh tarps - shade screens can keep your canopy steady on a windy spot. Just apply these covers to the sides of your canopy. We have different sizes of blue mesh tarps - shade screens available. Order a case of mesh tarps today.




Blue Mesh Tarps / Shade Screens - Heavy-duty poly mesh

  • Grommets approx. every 18 Inches
  • Mildewproof
  • Tear resistant
  • 70% shade

Blue mesh tarp finished size is approx. 6" or up to 3% smaller. Shades of blue may vary.
These Blue Mesh Tarps Are Sold By The Case - Individual Tarps can be found by clicking on "For Single Tarp Click Here"

Blue Mesh Tarps - Shade Screens
Blue Mesh Tarps 8' x 20'<br /> 3 Tarps per carton at $65.67 each - Case

Blue Mesh Tarps 8' x 20' - Case
3 Tarps per case

For Single Tarp Click Here



Ideal Uses of Blue Mesh Tarps

Blue mesh tarps are great outdoor covers. They have a dark blue color so rest assured that they can stay with you for a long time regardless of continuous use.

These covers allow some of the light to pass through. This quality makes them the go-to of growers who require sun shades for their low light plants.

Blue mesh tarps are also great for your trucking needs. Protect your cargo by blanketing them with these covers. They are great for covering construction aggregates such as gravel and sand.

Here are the other suggested uses of blue mesh tarps:

  • Canopy top cover and sidewalls
  • Koi pond cover
  • Construction cover
  • Pool cover
  • Horticulture purposes

If you require covers that can fully block the sun, these are not the recommended ones. Take a look at our poly tarps for complete sun protection needs.


Qualities of Blue Mesh Tarps

Our blue mesh tarps provide 70 percent shade. The woven mesh fabric allows some air in. These qualities make them great for keeping yourself cool outdoors. Since these covers do not resist the wind, they can be used as sidewalls for outdoor canopies.

Our blue mesh tarps are heavy-duty. They can withstand long-term and demanding applications. They are also usable all throughout the year. These tarps are treated against UV rays. They will not deteriorate from constant sun exposure. These covers can also resist the damaging agents that come with rain including mildew, mold and acids. Blue mesh tarps also have arctic flexibility. They can be used even during the winter season.

Blue mesh tarps have grommets along the sides. They are approximately 3 ft. apart. Use ropes and cords to secure the tarp. Both are available here at Tarps Plus. With grommets, you can easily install the tarp wherever it’s necessary.

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