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Adjustable Tarps

Tarps Plus manufactures a unique style of adjustable tarps. These tarps can adjust and wrap around things through the built in drawstring. The adjustable tarp is also great for hauling leaves, sand and many other objects that need to be hauled.

Need adjustable draw string tarps? A drawstring tarp brings you more versatility in what you can do.

Adjustable Tarp Qualities

Our adjustable tarps are only recommended for light applications. What sets them apart from other tarps is that they have drawstrings. This feature allows you to conform the tarp to the shape of the item you need to haul or cover.

We offer small adjustable tarps which can be used as tire covers. We also have large ones which makes your leaf sweeping job easier and quicker.

Note that these are economical tarps and or not meant for demanding use. If you need long-term and tougher tarps, choose from our selection of heavy-duty tarps or explore the other sections of this site to find what you need. 

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