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White / Grey Poly Tarps Sold By The Case

White / Grey Poly Tarps Sold By The Case

White/Grey Tarps - Medium-duty Poly Tarpaulin
6.0 oz. Per Square Yard. -1200 Denier - 14x14 Weave Count

  • Grommets every 18 inches
  • Acid resistant
  • Waterproof
  • Medium-duty poly tarp
  • Mildew defiant
  • Rope reinforced
  • Does not stiffen in freezing conditions
  • Tear resistant
  • UV treated on both sides

White Grey tarp finished size is approx. 6" or up to 3% smaller

Thickness is measured in mil (equal to a thousandth of one inch). This is how you convert mil to inch: Given measurement (mil)/1000 = measurement (inch). Sample computation: 14 mil/1000 = 0.014 inch.

The linear mass density of fibers is measured in denier (den). This unit of measurement is the mass in g/9000 m.

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Ideal Uses of White/Grey Poly Tarps

The white/grey poly tarps have a classy, clean look which makes them suitable for various residential covering needs. Their neutral color can suit most environments. For items you need to cover indoors, we suggest getting these tarps. When your patio or balcony furniture is not in use, we recommend these white/grey tarps which provide protection from dirt and other harmful agents.

If a part of your office is going through renovations or improvements, you can still keep everything clean looking even with all the mess with these classy looking tarps. Do you have new walls and newly tiled floors but still have projects in the same room? Keep the neat ones protected from debris by blanketing them with white/grey poly tarps.

This double-sided tarp provides you with a variety of applications. Need a reflective cover? Use the grey side of the tarp. Its reflective ability is useful for gardening and landscaping needs. Need a cover that absorbs less heat? Use the white side of the tarp. The white side is ideal for roofing, covering vehicles, camping and protecting woodpiles. This is the tarp to choose if you’re looking for something that will keep items underneath cool, especially during the summer.

Poly tarps can be recycled. Save Mother Nature by bringing your unusable white/grey tarps to recycling facilities in your area.


Qualities of a White/Grey Poly Tarp

White/grey tarps are very thick. So if you need covers that will last longer, these tarps are recommended. Our white/grey tarps have a minimum thickness of 12 mil. They also have a high denier and weave count. All these qualities make the white/grey poly tarp ideal for long-term use. Even if they're constantly exposed to the elements for more than three months, these tarps can maintain their durability.

If you hold the sides of this tarp, you’ll feel the rope reinforcement. This feature combined with the interwoven core prevents tearing, ripping, fraying and stretching of the tarp. Regardless of the tension from the grommets, the white/grey tarp can retain its shape.

You can use these white/grey poly tarps season after season. These covers will not deteriorate from constant sun exposure, especially during extremely hot summers. They will not get damaged from harmful agents that rain can bring. They are waterproof and have the ability to resist acid and mildew. The UV treatment received by these tarps prevents damages caused by the harmful rays of the sun. White/grey poly tarps have arctic flexibility. They are able to protect your items even during freezing weather conditions.

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