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White / Grey Poly Tarps

White / Grey Poly Tarps

White/Grey Tarp - Medium-duty Poly Tarpaulin
6.0 oz. Per Square Yard. - 1200 Denier - 14x14 Weave Count

  • Grommets approx. every 18 inches
  • Acid resistant
  • Waterproof
  • Medium-duty poly tarp
  • Mildew resistant
  • Arctic flexibility
  • Tear resistant
  • UV treated on both sides

White/Grey tarpaulin finished size is approx. 6" or up to 3% smaller

Mil is the thousandth of an inch. It is a measuring unit for thickness. Mil to inch conversion: Measurement in mil/1000 = measurement in inch. For example: 14 mil/1000 = .014 inch Denier is the unit used measuring the linear mass density of fibers. It is the mass (in grams)/9k meters.

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Recommended White/Grey Poly Tarp Applications

The stylish, neat look of the white/grey poly tarp is great for your home covering needs. It has a neutral shade which suits most color schemes of homes. This white/grey poly tarp will protect your furniture from dust and the elements whether they’re indoors or outdoors.

If certain parts of your home or office are under renovation or going through improvements, you definitely want to hide all the mess. The white/grey poly tarps will conceal all the clutter of your project. You can also keep the floor clean while there’s ongoing work on the walls by covering the entire surface with these tarps.

The white/grey poly tarp offers flexibility in use. If you need something that reflects the light, have the grey side exposed. This side can be used for applications in landscaping and gardening. The white side only absorbs a little amount of heat. So we recommend the white side when it comes to heat protection. It’s a good cover for piles of wood, roof, vehicles, boats and more. It can also be handy during your camping trip. You and your properties can stay cool under the protection of these double-sided tarps.

Made of polyethylene plastic, these white/grey tarps can be recycled when they are no longer usable. Ask around your community for tarp recycling facilities. Help save Mother Earth by bringing your old tarps to these places.


More Information on White/Grey Poly Tarp Specs

Our white/grey poly tarps are guaranteed long-lasting. They have a high mesh weave count and denier. They are also very thick. These covers are able to handle heavy-duty jobs and long-term use. They will not wear out even when they’re exposed to the elements for an extended period of time (three months or more).

There are amazing features along the sides of the white/grey poly tarp. The grommets allow you to tie the tarp using ropes or cords. Both accessories are available here. It also has rope reinforced hems. Inside the tarp are strips of interwoven polyethylene. With all these features, you get a tarp that will not fray, stretch, tear or rip.

Our white/grey poly tarps can resist all the harmful agents brought by different weather conditions. From intensely hot summers to extremely freezing temperatures, these tarps can perform their covering jobs well. These tarps are treated against UV rays so they can resist deterioration from sun exposure. The damaging effects of the rain cannot harm the tarps and the items they cover because they are waterproof, acid defiant and mildew resistant. The tarps have arctic flexibility which makes them usable throughout the winter season.

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