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Welding Tarps

Welding Tarps

Our welding tarps that are flame retardant as well come in the complete package, with the material as well as the frame. With these welding tarps, the finest quality of safety is assured while welding. The spark will be prevented from igniting and burning into a fire with the help of the fire retardant.

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Single Panel Welding Tarps
Single panel welding tarps with platform legs.
Two Panel Welding Tarps
Two panel welding tarps with straight legs.
Three Panel Welding Tarps
Three panel welding tarp with straight legs.
Four Panel Welding Tarps
Four panel welding tarps with platform legs.
The Four Different Types Of Welding Tarps

If you are going to be working a project that involves welding, then you need to invest in a couple of welding tarps. Finding the best type of tarp to use is going to be difficult, however the type of tarp that you decide to obtain should fit the project that you are opting to engage in.

A tarp that is designed specifically for welding tasks should be made from flame retardant materials; When a person is engaged in this activity, there will be a lot of sparks and fire escaping from their machine. Therefore, it is imperative that the type of tarp that you use is able to withstand this escalated amount of heat exposure.

There are four different tarps that you can choose to obtain for your welding activities. These products are a single panel tarp, double panel tarp, three panel tarp, and a four panel tarp. All of these products have their advantages as well as their disadvantages.

The single panel tarp will only block the fire from escaping from one side of you. This tarp has platform legs that stop it from moving. If you are going to use this tarp it is important that you keep yourself close to the product.

The two panel tarp is a lot like the single panel ones. The primary difference is there are two flame resistant panels instead of one. These two panels come together and form a V. Both panels have their own sets of straight leg feet to keep the item in one place.

The three panel tarp adds one additional wall to the product. This wall boxes you in entirely, while leaving the front surface open. There are straight legs that appear along the bottom section of this item as well.

Last but not least, there is the four panel tarp. This four panel tarp includes four walls. There is a small opening left open so you can enter the shelter of the product. The four panel tarp is equipped with platform style legs.