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Super Vinyl Tarps Coated Polyester 18oz.

Super Vinyl Tarps Coated Polyester 18oz.

Tarps Plus super 18 oz coated vinyl tarps are waterproof and are very resistant to tears and abrasions. We manufacture vinyl tarps that resist oil, acid, grease and mildew. Our super heavy duty 18 oz coated vinyl tarps are great for truck drivers, roofers, construction companies, and athletic facilities. Our vinyl tarp are also the standard for industrial and agriculture purposes. 18 oz coated vinyl tarps make outstanding quality hay tarps. Note: The vinyl tarps is a custom made tarps. It is handmade here in the United States. It takes approximately 15-20 business days to make your tarp before it is shipped to you.

Note: These are made to order tarps. This vinyl tarp is hand-sewn here in the United States. Due to an unusually busy season it now takes approximately 15 - 20 business days before your tarp is shipped to you. We appreciate your patience.

  • Vinyl Fabric is 18 oz per sq. yd, 22 mil thick
  • Waterproof Vinyl
  • UV resistant
  • High tear and abrasion resistance
  • Heat Sealed seams
  • Grommets approximately every 2 ft. on all sides
  • 10 Colors available: Black, Blue, Gray, Green, Light Blue, Orange, Red, Tan, White, Yellow.

  • Strength and durability is what you get when you get the 18oz. vinyl tarps. A vinyl tarp like this can make a truck tarp or a super heavy duty multiple purpose tarp cover. The polyester tarps can cost a bit more but do come with their advantages.

    Super Vinyl Tarps Coated Polyester
    If you're looking for tarps, then one of the most important things, perhaps the most important thing, is going to be what that tarp is made from. Now, when it comes to most tarps, they're made with materials that have both their own strengths and weaknesses. For example, canvas is great for strength and durability, it's reliable, it lasts awhile, but it's not water proof. Hence, you have coated tarps, such as canvas coated with vinyl, and of course, super vinyl tarps coated polyester. With these tarps, you get the benefits of both super vinyl coating and polyester material. Here's how that can benefit you...


    Polyester is actually an incredibly strong and durable material exactly because it's so flexible. It can stretch, it can twist into any shape, and all without ripping or tearing. By contrast, some fabrics and materials may be incredibly strong and thick but will actually tear quite easily if you're not careful. Some materials simply aren't built to be flexible. Compare this to, say, wood. A more flexible wood is going to be more durable in the long run than wood that's dry and apt to crack and split apart, in spite of its strength, because it's so rigid.

    The Coating

    The coating helps to make the polyester water proof and air proof, meaning that you can combine the strength and durability of polyester with the excellent protection from the elements you get with vinyl. If you only go with one or the other, then you wind up only getting the benefits of one or the other. Incidentally, you get the weakness of neither when you combine them both.

    Bottom line: until they can combine both vinyl and polyester into a single material, the notion of a coated tarp isn't a bad one. Poly blends can become incredibly brittle if not coated for protection from the sun and the elements, whereas vinyl alone isn't very strong or durable. With super vinyl tarps coated polyester, you truly do get the best of both worlds.