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Used Tarps

Used Tarps

You Can Recycle Your Poly Tarp Nearly everyone has used one of the inexpensive blue tarps available in discount and home improvement stores. Unfortunately, most people make the mistake of throwing their damaged or worn out “blues” in the trash. However, these tarps are actually made out of polyethylene plastics and can be recycled the same way your plastic soda bottles and milk jugs can be. Instead of adding to over-flowing landfills, consider recycling your old blue tarp and other poly tarps. Send in your old tarp and get 5% off your next order of tarps.

If you want to be a part of our used tarp program, call us at: 1-800-838-3057

Used Tarps
Stormpro Boat Tarp Model A - Used

Stormpro Boat Tarp Model A - Used



Our stock is so deep we always have a large supply of used tarps and seconds. Looking for used billboard tarps for sale? Our used inventory can range from used billboard tarps to used baseball field tarps.

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