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Used Tarps

Used Tarps

Tarps Plus always has a large supply of used tarps on hand. We have created a program to offer these used tarps for pennies on the dollar. A "used tarp" may be a simple return that was repackaged or an off color that we have decided does not meet our high standard of quality. In most cases you may be able to find a used tarp offered at a 80% discount.

If you are looking for used tarps to buy a major discount and want to be a part of our used tarp program, call one of a very knowledgeable sales reps in a sales department at: 1-800-838-3057

Our stock is so deep we always have a large supply of used tarps and seconds. Looking for used billboard tarps for sale? Our used inventory can range from used billboard tarps to used baseball field tarps.

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