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Tarp Plankets

Tarp Plankets

Our top of the line Tarp Plankets are made from heavy-duty spun bound material. It also has a cinch cord that you can tie on the base of your pots and shrubs to keep it secured. The tarp is lightweight but will provide your plants excellent protection against wind and rain.

Specs for Tarp Plankets

  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Protect plants from frost and cold winds
  • With a tough cinch cord
  • Breathable fabric
  • Durable

Tarp Planket Qualities

Tarp plankets are often used to keep plants protected from the wind, heavy rain, light frost and cold nights during the growing season. Small animals and pests cannot destroy your plant once you cover it with a tarp planket.

The covers are made of a breathable material which allows sunlight and air. So even when covered with this tarp, the plant can thrive. The fabric is lightweight so it’s easy to install on your plant.

The product comes with a cinch cord so you can secure the tarp to the plant.

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