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Swing Set Tarp

Swing Set Tarp

These swing set tarps are made of heavy marine grade polyethylene with brass grommets every 18 inches and are perfect for play sets. The swing set tarps provide UV protection and are mildew resistant. 

Swing Set Tarp
Yellow Swing Set Tarps 6' x 8'

Yellow Swing Set Tarps 6' x 8' - OUT OF STOCK



Swing Set Tarp Qualities

You can protect children from the harmful rays of the sun when they play outdoors. Install a swing set tarp to the top of your outdoor playground.

The tarp is made of marine-grade polyethylene. This material is resistant to the damage brought by the sun, rain and saltwater. With its ability to withstand UV rays, the tarp is long-lasting and will not deteriorate from constant exposure to the sun.

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