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Specialty Tarps

Specialty TarpsThese tarps have distinct uses and are versatile in nature. We strive hard to offer the broadest range of selections in the domain for our consumer. Thatís the key to our success and brand recognition for the finest tarps with great diversity. One can pick from lightweight tarps to the enormous tarps. If it is essential to procure tarps, ought to be used for a special occasion and need custom tarps, contact us right now and get a solution and quick quote from our tarp sales and technical expert.

Painter Tarps
High grade canvas painter tarps for proffesional and the novice painter.
Custom Tarps
Order a container of your own custom tarps.
Ripstop Nylon Tarp
The ultimate rip stop tarp silnylon tarp for light rain fly outdoor coverage.
Pool Tarps
Water Resistant polyethylene swimming pool tarp covers for debris coverage.
Bungee Cargo Net
Bungee cargo net to cover your truck, suv or jeep
Car Tarps - Adjustable 12 x 16 - Green/Black
Economical car tarp with drawstring action.
Roofers Tear-Off Tarps
Special roofers tear-off tarps to haul away roof debris.
Utility Tarps
Utility Protection against rain, dirt, birds and sun damage.
Cargo Liner Tarp
Regular Price: $0.00
Sale Price: $49.95
Heavy Duty Tarp
About our heavy duty tarps.
Adjustable Tarps
Tarps that adjust and wrap around things with a built in quick draw string.
Round Tarps
Round tarps for that special application where a round cut fits better.
Tarps For ATVs
Specially fitted tarps for all kinds of ATVs.
Large Tarps
Large supply of large poly tarps and large canvas tarps.
Canopy Tarps
Valance canopy tarps are heavy duty tarp tents covers.
Motorcycle Cover
Poly Tarp Motorcycle Covers keep the rain out and are 100% waterproof.
Barbecue Covers
Weather resistant barbecue tarp covers are the ultimate protection for outdoor BBQs.
Swing Set Tarp
Bright and cheerful colored swing set tarps top cover your swing set.
Backpacking Tarps
Strong lightweight backpacking tarps for compact travel.
Hammock Tarps
Hammock tarps to tarp over hammock for rain protection.
Rip Stop Tarps
Rip stop tarps resistant to rips and tears.
Tarp Bags
Hand and carry bags made out of canvas tarps.
Real Deal Brazil Tarp Hat
Regular Price: $55.00
Sale Price: $39.95
Tarp Ball Cap- OUT OF STOCK
Regular Price: $45.00
Sale Price: $29.95
Car Tarps
Waterproof car tarps that will protect your car or pic-up.
Used Tarps
Recycle your poly tarps and save on your next order.
Construction Tarps
Large and heavy duty construction tarps that are contractors favorites.
Camping Tarps
Light weight and camo camping tarps for campers on the move. Great tarps for camping.
Drain Tarps
Water tight drain tarps that drain water through the tarp.
Tarp Surfing Tarps
Tarps for tarp surfing.
Tarp Awnings
Door, window and patio tarps awnings for shade and rain protection.
Welding Tarps
Tarps safe to weld around.
RV Tarps and Covers
RV Tarps and covers for your mobile home or rv.
Snow Fence
Snow & safety fence to create a emergency border fence barrier.
Patio Tarps
Shade sail patio tarps to protect your patio from the sun.
Tarp Plankets
Prevent frost with tarps that cover your plants.
Boxing Ring Tarp Cover
Boxing Ring Covers for boxing rings or the octagon for MMA.
Professional Heavy Duty Triage Tarp Kit
Regular Price: $4,050.00
Sale Price: $2,997.95
Drawstring Tarps
Adjustable drawstring tarps that can tighten around almost anything.
Tarps Plus makes every type of tarp from triage tarps, Sunbrella fabric tarps, roll tarps to nylon tarps. When it comes to variety we are known in the tarp world as the source for selection. So, if you are looking for a tarp for that special purpose, we are here to help.

The Different Ways Tarps Are Used

Tarps are usually made form cotton or polythene canvas material that is used to protect certain kinds of material from rain, dust, wind, and even hail. They come in a variety of sizes to fit all kinds of needs. It can be used on gym floors, barbecue pits, outdoor pools, baseball fields, and as hurricane protection tarps.

They're often used for events like dances, concerts, and different kinds of trade shows. They are great for many other events that require the use of tables and also serve to protect people from slippery floors as well as the floors from spills. They are important to poultry farmers who need to protect their chickens from dying. During very extreme weather conditions, they can be used to shield chickens from waves of cold weather, rain, and snow.

The tarps are also frequently used by car owners who need to protect their vehicles. Extreme weather can damage a car's coating but tarps reduces this damage considerably. Ice can literally get stuck in car tires rendering it unusable but if a car is completely wrapped in tarpaulin it can be protected from this.

They're also used to shield boats from the rain because if too much rain gets into a boat, it may cause the boat to sink. This makes tarps ideal during different kinds of extreme weather such as severe storms like hurricanes. Another great way it is used is as a construction cover.

The tarps also protect cement from being washed away and are usually composed of a large sheet of polythene which in some cases is stitched together in smaller pieces to make a larger sheet. They are also used when terrace is made which should be water resistant. This makes tarp covers a great method of protection for people who are beneath iron rods on which cement is laid.