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Why People Buy Snow Fence 4x50 Roll

There are many reason why people in all walks of life buy snow fence 4x50 roll. Some of these reasons are obvious, but some may surprise you if you are not making a living off the land. First of all, this type of fence comes in wood slat and wire, and in plastic. Manufacturers of plastic snow fence have treated their material so that it does not break down rapidly in sunlight, and this fencing is durable enough for many uses, such as gardening and temporary construction sites. However, many farmers and ranchers prefer the traditional, heavy-duty wood slat fencing, which they re-use year after year. The wooden fence is heavier and more expensive, but it lasts longer.

One of the reasons people use this fencing is to stop snow from drifting. A plowed road will stay open only as long as it takes for the wind to blow snow into every dip and between high banks. At home, the job of shoveling out walks and driveway will be much easier if extra snow has not drifted over everything.

Snow fence is also used to stop sand from blowing. A tarp would resist the wind where snow fence wouldn't. In areas where naturalists are trying to protect beaches and save fragile dunes from eroding away, you will often see the top of a fence buried almost out of sight by piled sand. The fence keeps the sand in place long enough for plantings of grasses to take hold and stabilize the dunes. One little known reason that ranchers in dry areas string miles of snow fence is to trap the snow, not to keep roads open necessarily, but to keep the snow from blowing away. The snow is one of their main sources of water, and they try to keep as much of it as possible on their land, so it will melt into the soil. They also protect feeding areas with it, so their livestock will not have to fight deep snow to reach the hay, and sometimes use it to shelter wildlife refuges.

There are many other ways this fencing is used. Some people put it around a vegetable garden to keep out deer and other pests. People make chicken yards out of it, use it for privacy fencing around trash heaps, and sometimes use it for shades, laying it over rows of growing plants that need part sun and part shade. A snow fence 4x50 roll is tall and long enough to do the job and not so heavy that one person can't move it around. It will last longer if properly staked and not allowed to sag to the ground and if it is rolled up when not needed and stored in a barn or shed. We suggest using snow fence as a barrier as opposed to tarps.

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