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Lunex Covers Trailer Boat Tarp

Lunex Covers Trailer Boat TarpRobust and light weighted trailer boat tarps are resistant to UV from sun causing color fade. The tarps are included with trailer strap and cable attachments. There is a cord in an underlying layer for a swift and safe fitting. Storage basket and trailer strips are built-in. Comprehensive cutting to let additional space for running lights and bow rails etc. This tarp is lightweight, sturdy and highly reflective. The Silver-tech fabric will not expand or contract and the fabric coat is a tough fabric for supreme water resistance. Resilient to mold and UV impairment. This boat tarp comes with a one year warranty.

Lunex Covers Trailerable Boat Tarp - Lunex RS-1
Regular Price: $166.00
Sale Price: $69.95
Why People Use Trailer Boat Tarp Covers To Keep Boats Safe

When someone is thinking about storing their boat for the winter or hauling the boat a long period of time, they may consider a trailer boat tarp cover. These boat tarps are able to keep the boat safe from harm and damage. The tarp itself has some amazing features that can make them long lasting and very durable.

One of the aspects to this boat tarp that make it handy for anyone to use, is that it features a long elastic border. The elastic is used to secure the bottom of the boat and fit it the right way. The tight and secure fit will give the boat owner security over using it over other tarps.

This boat tarp will also come with a storage bag, which allows it to be folded and put away when not in use. The bag is big enough to fit the entire tarp inside and will drawstring it up.

The material of this tarp is weather protected from growing any mold or mildew. When an item does not feature this spray, it will create mold and mildew over time. When that happens, the user will have to throw out the item and buy a new one.

The trailer boat tarp is also sprayed for water repellent. It will not let water get through the fabric and will keep the boat safe. That is ideal for anyone who gets lots of rain or snow during the off months.

A trailer boat tarp cover will keep a boat well covered when traveling mile after mile as well as when not in use. It has many features that let it stand out from the rest. The coated fabric will not fade and will stay its original color. The durable nature and long lasting wear, allow this tarp to be used over and over again. There are many sizes so that a boat owner can truly have the one that fits their exact need and boat size.