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Silver-tech Pedal Boat Tarp

Silver-tech Pedal Boat Tarp

The Silver-tech Pedal Boat Tarp provides quality dirt and all-weather protection. This product comes with a one-year manufacturer's warranty.

Silver-tech Pedal Boat Tarp Qualities

The Silver-tech Pedal Boat Tarp has a good fit on 3 to 5-seat pedal boats. The elastic cord sewn in the bottom hem allows you to quickly and tightly apply this cover to the boat.

This cover is made of polyester. It is water repellent and UV resistant. With these qualities, your boat is protected from the elements no matter what the season. The material of this tarp is also resistant to mildew, shrinking, wrinkling, chemicals and abrasions. Even with the changing climate, the cover is able to retain its original shape.

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