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September 17 2013 - New Texas Tarp Facility To House Over A Million Tarps

September 17 2013 - New Texas Tarp Facility To House Over A Million TarpsAlthough 2013 has been a very slow hurricane season, Tarps Plus expands its quest to Excel in offering the nation hurricane and tornado tarps in the case of extreme emergencies. The company is currently expanding from its California operation to Texas with a state-of-the-art 80,000 ft.² facility which will eventually house over 1 million tarps. The Texas buildout project will be in 4 phases. Phase 1 will be completed by December 2013 with a 20,000 ft.² warehouse and 5000 ft.² retail store. Tarps Plus founder and CEO Michael Stein said, "Our quest to open a facility in Texas was due to several factors, the central location will enable us to offer more savings to our customers and have quicker shipping times. The fact that Texas does not have state income tax also does not hurt and will enable us to expand our business and hire more people." Stein also stated that the Texas facility is just outside hurricane stricken zones and below what is called tornado alley, but close enough to offer tarps at the fastest rate for people in need. Tarps Plus has one of the widest range of poly tarps, canvas tarps, vinyl tarps, truck tarps, hay tarps and various other types of tarp covers. Poly tarps are a high demand item during hurricanes or tornadoes and are a quick fix to cover roofs for people with subsequent damage.
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