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September 17 2012 - Abadak Is The Home Of Tarps Plus and The Place For Tarps

Tarps Plus has been a division of Abadak Inc. for many years and now people will have a place to shop for Tarps Plus brand tarps and all kinds of covers at the Abadak retail store. The Abadak retail store will be located at the main head quarters and Abadak's warehouse. The entire Tarps Plus line of tarps will be sold out of the store as well as other divisions of Abadak such as the Ace Canopy line canopies and pop up tents.

Originally the plans for the retail store were to go by another name, "Everything Covers" but we discovered that people were disappointed and that they really love Abadak and what it stands for. Abadak is an acronym standing for A Better Atmosphere Dedicating All Kind. The mission of Abadak is to create a culture and line of products that help people live a better life.
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