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Poly Tarps

Poly Tarps

Our line of poly tarps has always been what sets us apart from the rest. The Tarps Plus brand blue poly tarps, are made with quality yet the most affordable on the market. Our brand of silver tarps, white tarps and silver/black combo tarps are all U.V. treated and are the industry leaders in poly tarps. The Tarps Plus brand poly tarps are ALL made with a solid and sealed poly coating on both sides. Our rip stop poly tarps are manufactured with top quality resin and the strongest of grommets built into the tarp on every edge. Tarps Plus' poly tarps are all 100% Water proof due to the solid polyethylene coating. Our poly and resin structure enables the tarp to be mildew proof as well as tear resistant and acid resistant. Unlike canvas, the poly tarps have Arctic flexibility to withstand freezing temperatures. Tarps Plus strives to bring the world quality poly tarps.

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Blue Poly Tarps
Discount blue poly tarps
Silver Poly Tarps
Heavy duty silver poly tarps that are U.V. protected.
White Poly Tarps
Heavy duty white poly tarps that are U.V. protected.
Green Poly Tarps
Heavy duty green poly tarps
Brown Poly Tarps
Discount brown poly tarps
Camouflage Poly Tarps
Camouflage tarp design tough grade camo tarps.
Red Poly Tarps
Heavy duty red poly tarps
Yellow Poly Tarps
Heavy duty yellow poly tarps
Orange Poly Tarps
Light duty orange poly tarps
Super Heavy Duty Silver / Black Poly Tarps
Two Ply SUPER HEAVY DUTY silver black poly - black out tarps
White / Grey Poly Tarps
Two ply white silver poly tarps
Clear Tarps
Polyethylene clear tarps with square mesh reinforcement.
Tan Poly Tarps
Heavy duty tan poly tarps.
Poly Tarps Sold Individually
Don't need a whole case of poly tarps? Click here for poly tarps sold Individually.
Hurricane Covers & Tarps
Facts and prices about hurricane tarps and poly covers.
Poly tarps can come in all shapes, sizes and brands. Here at Tarps Plus we make the "Tarps Plus" brand but there are many others on the market like Tuff Tarps or polymax tarps. Poly Tarps are completely waterproof. This plastic based cover is very strong and resilient. The structure of the tarp consists of nylon threading with a polyethylene coating on both sides. A nylon rope reinforcement is built into the perimeter of the poly tarp to reinforce the edges. Most heavy duty poly tarps always have corner bars at each corner of the tarp. The light duty poly tarps usually do not have corner bars.
People always ask what are poly tarps made out of? Poly tarps are comprised with a few major but simple components. The base of the material is nylon tarp twin which is covered with polyethylene on both sides. Nylon rope is laid along the edges of the tarps and a flap is sealed over it to strengthen the edges of the tarp. Polyethylene is a petroleum based material. The prices of poly tarps mostly rise when the cost of oil goes up.

Poly tarps are the most popular and common tarps worldwide. They are used for earthquake, tornado and hurricane relief. In the incipient stages of Tarps Plus, canvas tarps were the only form of tarps that existed. In late 1950s the first polyethylene tarps were introduced and basically started a tarp revolution. The poly tarps were an instant hit due to being 100% waterproof, less expensive and were flexible in Arctic weather which was a problem for canvas tarps in cold climates. Tarps Plus has been offering these tarps to the American public since its inception, which is why we are proud to be called the premiere authority of poly tarps.

Details About The Tarps Plus Brand Poly Tarps:
  • The Tarps Plus brand poly tarps are all 100% waterproof
  • The heavy duty poly grade poly tarps all have corner bars for reinforcement.
  • All the poly tarps have a nylon rope seamed into the hem of the tarp.
  • The grommets surround the tarps perimeter and are completely solid.
  • The cut size of the tarp can be approx. 6% less that the listed size; which is a common practice of measurement for the tarp industry.

    You can always find poly tarps for sale but here are some good features and benefits of what they can do for you...
    Top Five Reasons To Choose Poly Tarps
    1. Poly tarps remain flexible in arctic conditions.
    2. The poly tarps cost less. Polyethylene is cheaper to make
    3. Poly tarps can handle sun damage very well.
    4. Poly tarps weigh less than most tarps and are easier to handle.
    5. Poly tarps cost less to ship because they are lighter.

    We store a deep inventory of poly tarps. If you need a large order of poly tarps fast, we can make sure the order is dispatched quickly.