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Mesh Tarps Sold Individually

Mesh Tarps Sold Individually

We Specialize in Fence Canvas, Windscreens, Mesh tarps and Semi-Privacy Screening and shading material.

What do Mesh Tarps or Shade Screens do? They are a functional and aesthetically pleasing addition to any fencing that you have, including a tennis court and have many other applications as well. A dark backdrop setting is provided by the mesh tarp. Mesh Tarp uses include: Enclosures, Shade areas, construction sites Tennis Courts, Industrial Storage, Site barriers, Baseball fields, Visual Privacy, kennels, awnings, crowd control, and many other uses. In the tennis courts, they help achieve an increase in the pleasure of playing in those courts by giving a consistent color and background as well as give the courts a very professional appearance. It is also an attractive way and functional way to eliminate visual distractions as well as bothersome noise.

It must be remembered that these mesh tarps are semi see through and are great for privacy from a long distance. They are also great for wind shade. However, you can go to our “Poly Tarps” page if you are looking for privacy providing tarps.

Tan Mesh Tarps - Shade Screens
Unique tan mesh tarps for a the beach, military or backyard
Blue Mesh Tarps - Shade Screens
Blue mesh tarps used as shade covers.
The mesh tarps are great for wind shade and privacy from a longer distance but are semi see through. If you are looking for privacy tarps go to our "poly tarps" page.

How Mesh Tarps Are Made And Used

Mesh tarps have several different purposes. They can be used when storing wood, used to reduce mold on the item in which it covers, carries injured animals and is used in planting and agriculture. If you are trying to block out strong sunlight this is the best solution. The thread shaft serves best even in harsh conditions since it is made of a heavy duty material. Double stitching helps to ensure its durability. For those seeking to keep an area moist but sun rays cause a dry atmosphere then this is a solution.

The mesh traps are made of PVC coating that makes it durable. Meshing is designed based on the need. Heavy square mesh and light gauge mesh have their own specific areas of usage. To avoid corrosion the plastic meshes are made by a fuse bonded coating process. The vinyl coating tightly attaches to the galvanized wire. The wires are combined in perfect combination to provide flexibility.

Agriculturists often use tarps because they provide decent shading without affecting water and wind flow. This keeps the crops in a cool and healthy condition. In altering and expanding the grades and style tarps you may choose the desired amount of sunlight. Since it is such a helpful tool the world of agriculture can be thankful for these tarps.

When deciding upon the right one for you it can cause confusion because many lack the knowledge of which mesh tarp is best. Start by researching the types available and this will help in making your final decision. In summary they are differentiated according to their weight and design. For plants and light duty materials the 7 oz. 60% shade factor mesh tarp is used. Gorilla mesh tarp, which weighs 8oz. And provides 85% shade, is best suited when total privacy is needed. Although it provides more a more sheltered area it still allows a good amount of airflow. Heavy-duty trucks can use this while carrying fine materials. When shade is not the primary aim then multiple mesh tarps can be used. The other interesting one is flame retardant. This is apt for providing shade for people and products. It also comes in many attractive colors.

When it comes to shading an area it does not just apply to agriculture. Other uses for mesh tarps include shading a swimming pool, tennis court, and any other sporting events. Choose the right one and expose how much light you require.