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May 16 2012 - The All New Tarps Workshop Channel

We are pleased to announce our new tarps workshop. This is a new section where you will be able to get every question not only answered but shown to you. This page will have videos, pictures and diagrams all dedicated to showing you how to use tarps and answer questions fast.

Have you ever waited in a store for someone to answer your question about a product? Well, we have to and want to offer an end to that with a place that will answer all you questions and show you even more. Tarps Plus is dedicated to top notch customer service and you can always call us and get a question answered. This page actually shows you everything you need to know about tarps via video, pictures, diagrams and plain old simple text. Another exciting feature about the page is our weekly contest. If you submit a video or picture of tarps being used in a unique or entertaining way and it wins our weekly contest, you can win a $100 gift certificate! There will be a new winner each week. We will post the video or picture along with the announcement of the winner. Check out our new Tarps Workshop Channel here.

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