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March 19 2013 - Tarps Plus' Tarps For Kids Program Goes To Texas

March 19 2013 - Tarps Plus' Tarps For Kids Program Goes To TexasThe Tarps Plus "Tarps For Kids" program is a voluntary program where a pop-up tent and tarp is delivered to local schools and paint supplies is supplied for them to paint onto the tarp and tent. The California-based tarp company, Tarps Plus invented the program in order to bring the community together, as well as bring company awareness. A white pop-up tent is supplied where children dip their hands in paint and put their handprints on the bottom of the tent and teachers put their handprints on the top of the tent. The handprints signify the unity of student and teachers. A 30' x 30' canvas tarp is placed under the tent to catch paint droppings so paint does not mark up the assembly area. The tarp is then used for free-form painting after the pop-up tent is painted. The mother company of Tarps Plus,Abadak Inc. was approved by the antelope Valley school Board to hold these functions at schools on February 27, 2013. Tarps Plus now plans to hold the tarps for kids school program in Texas, which will be one of the new homes of the tarp company. A new facility will be built in Weir Texas (near Austin) by the end of August 2013 and Tarps Plus plans to hold the tarps for kids program throughout the Travis and Williamson County areas. For more information about the Tarps for Kids program, please contact tarps plus at 1-800-838-3057
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