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Leaf Tarp 14 X 14 Perfect For Fall Cleanup

A leaf tarp 14 x 14 is perfect for helping you with fall cleanup around your yard. When you are raking your leaves and you live in an area that has a leave pickup truck that comes by this tarp can be a big help in getting your leaves to the curb. Even if you do not have a truck but you need to rake your leaves and move them to a compost area, or you need to bag them and bring them to a recycling area a leaf tarp is indispensable.

A 14 x 14 is the perfect size for your clean up needs, it is not too big so it will not be too heavy to move. Yet it is not so small that you have to make too many trips.

Raking leaves is not fun, and it can even hurt your back when you have to rake the leaves a far distance, with a tarp you rake the leaves onto it and pull it where you need it to be. The leaf tarps made specifically for leaves have handles on them so it is much easier to pull.

When raking leaves, place the tarp on the ground and rake directly onto it, it will stay in place unless it is windy, than just place a few rocks on the corners of the tarp to keep it in place. Once the tarp is full just pull it where you want it. The only thing easier would be a tractor to suck up your leaves, but this is a lot less expensive. When you have a yard, large or small, and you need to rake leaves having a leaf tarp 14 x 14 could save you a lot of back pain and a lot of time. The handles make the tarp very easy to pull and the price is right.

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