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January 21 2013 - Tarps Plus $5000 Tarp Tent Giveaway!

January 21 2013 - Tarps Plus $5000 Tarp Tent Giveaway!Many companies give away many things all the time but it's not often when a company gives away a $5000 item just for showing up. The tarps plus superstore intends to do just that, the tarp distributor will be giving away a $5000 tarp tent on Saturday, January 26th as a promotion to bring awareness to the tarp cover superstore. Abadak Inc., Tarps Plus' mother company offers all types of poly tarps, canvas tarps, truck tarps and various vinyl tarps of all kinds.The giveaway will consist of people meeting at the Abadak store, located at the company's headquarters, on January 26th at noon, write their name on a ticket and wait for someone's name to be drawn. Who's ever name is picked, wins the tarp tent. The tarp covered canopy is a 24 x 50' framed structure, that can be used for a large carport, party or any large event needing shade or whether protection.

Tarp Tent Giveaway Details:
Date: Saturday, January 26, 2013
Time: 11 AM(drawing at noon)
Location: 38940 Trade Center Dr., Palmdale, CA 93551
For more information about Tarps Plus' retail store and any future giveaways, you can call: 1-800-838-3057
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