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Tarp Fits: 21' to 24'L Pontoon Boats (beam width to 96") - Tarp Color: Grey

Get Hurricane Boat Tarps Before You Need Them

You should always get hurricane boat tarps before you need them. With the increasing frequency of tropical storm upgrades and the high sustaining winds, protecting your vessel is very important. These high quality, easy fitting tarps make it easy to get prepared for storm season.

Adjustable tailoring tarp straps allow you to create a nice, tight fit to make sure it stays in place. Elastic cord is sewn in to ensure a nice snug fit around the bottom hull while allowing room for your accessories, such as bow rails or running lights and even your motor, when you are in a hurry.

The durable waterproof tarp fabric will not shrink or stretch, so you should have a perfect fit every single time. It is water resistant and repellent, which is extremely important during inclement weather. It is property treated to resist UV damage caused by the searing rays of the sun. So no matter the conditions, you can have peace of mind that your vessel is being well protected.

Since there are a variety of tarp sizes, it is very important to get the right fit for your needs. There are many different sizes to choose from at affordable prices, so protecting your valuables does not have to cost you a fortune. Being a responsible owner has its rewards. You do not want to get stuck with hundreds of dollars worth of damages or end up in a position where your vessel is damaged beyond repair. Get hurricane boat tarps before you need them. High wind resistant coverings allow you to protect your boat in the marina and even while traveling. Being prepared during storm season can save you time, money, and help you protect your investment.

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