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Fits: 17' to 20'L Pontoon Boats (beam width to 96") - Tarp Color: Grey

The Importance Of The Hurricane Pontoon Boat Cover

Any vehicle, regardless of what type whether it be a car, boat, or motorcycle should be taken care of. The pontoon tarps not only classify as consumer goods but fall under the durable goods category. Thus it is important that these items be protected and cared for, especially when they are in storage or kept outdoors. Amongst these items for outside storage is the hurricane pontoon boat cover.

This type of tarp is made of tough polyester canvas. The material in this cover is much more resilient than ordinary cotton canvas. Therefore this is the kind of canvas that is recommended for your pontoon boat. Although most people use the hurricane pontoon boat tarps for rainy or wet seasons, it is still useful for it to be used in all weather situations. By using these covers even in the dry season, one can avoid scratches and discolorations to paint on the boat hull and other parts. However, some considerations should be taken into account prior to purchasing a cover for your boat.

The first consideration is that it must be made from a resilient tarp material. The tarp must be made from a polyester type canvas. The material must also be able to resist dirt, stains and ultraviolet damage from the sun apart from its being able to repel water.

The second consideration is that the tarp must have a bottom hem elastic cord. This should be readily adjustable and likewise must be fitted with an adjustable transom flap. This will ensure a snug fit when placing onto your boat. And finally the last two considerations should be price and warranty. The average price for a good pontoon boat tarps ranges around 200 to less than five hundred dollars. Likewise in view of this, there must be a reasonably good warranty for your purchase. An average warranty given for this item is around three to four years.

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