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Heavy Duty Tarp

Heavy Duty Tarp

Our heavy duty tarps come in canvas and polyethylene. Poly heavy duty tarps are waterproof and canvas heavy duty tarps are great for painting and many other applications. The canvas heavy duty tarps also hold up to windy conditions very well. Our size range varies from small to very large heavy duty tarps so no matter what the task we can cover that large area. The 6 oz. on up poly tarps are heavy duty and do not let water inside and with protect against the rain.

Super Heavy Duty Silver / Black Poly Tarps
Two Ply SUPER HEAVY DUTY silver black poly - black out tarps
Silver Poly Tarps
Heavy duty silver poly tarps that are U.V. protected.
White Poly Tarps
Heavy duty white poly tarps that are U.V. protected.
Green Poly Tarps
Heavy duty green poly tarps
Tan Poly Tarps
Heavy duty tan poly tarps.
What constitutes a heavy duty tarp? The factors to consider are, mesh count, mil thickness, denier, weight and the size of the rope inside the hem which goes around the perimeter of the tarp.

Heavy Duty Tarpaulin That Doesn't Cover It

Heavy duty tarpaulin defines a few things; it can mean the physical heft of the product, it can also refer to the amount of use and it can also define how you use the product. Heft and use go hand in hand. The more durable the product is the more it is likely to weigh. With more durability, you will find more duties for this tarp. General characteristics of a good quality poly tarp cover are that it is waterproof and mildew resistant. Additionally, to make the tarp last longer in the sunlight it should be UV protected. Also, it should remain flexible in colder weather and be resistant to acids.

Tarp material is graded according to several measurements. The weight per square yard will give you the material's physical weight, in ounces, for a three foot by three foot section of tarp. Increased weight tells you that there is more fiber in a smaller amount of area. That tells you the product is more durable.

How the fiber in an area is measured relies on two other characteristics. Weave count and denier. Weave count is purely the weft and warp threads found in a single square inch of material. The denier, for simplicity's sake, measures the strength and heaviness of the fibers (mass per unit of length). The higher the number of the deniers are, the more heavy duty and sturdier the fabric. The material and count of grommets in a HD tarp will be one every 18 inches and will most likely be made of brass. They should be reinforced in the hem with rope and canvas at the corners. Tie-downs put great tension on the material at the grommet, with reinforcement the fabric will last a long time. When you are looking for a heavy duty tarpaulin to purchase, you need to understand what that means. There are several characteristics that define what a HD tarp is. Once you understand the terminology, you will be able to compare products to find the right cover for your needs.